Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Desert Photo Shoot


The falcon is the national bird of the UAE.

"No way, you want me to HOLD it?"
"Well, O.K."

We all had turns holding the falcon. Andrés, ever the cautious one,  decided to stick with his old friend the phaesant.

Luxury in the Dunes

On our way home from Liwa we took a detour to the stunningly beautiful Qasr Al Sarab resort.

This is exhausting.
Mmmm. Fresh pomegranate juice.
There was live oud music being played.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Emirati Dune Buggy Adventure

In the late afternoon we set out looking for adventure.
We drove onto this wadi (dry river bed) feeling curious.

At the end of the wadi was an encampment with about 20 men and a slew of all terrain vehicles. After Miquel took tea with some of the guys (we women and children stayed in the car), we were invited on a ride in a dune buggy. Miquel sat with Andrés in his lap in front with the Emirati dune racer driving, Rosario and I were in back, with Pau on my lap. Thrilled but being a cautious mom I asked, "You'll only take us around the flat part, right?" "Yes. Yes," the guy says, then we roar up the dunes.

After warming us up on some "small" dunes, he took us to the UAE's tallest one. It's called the Moreeb Dune which translates to Scary Mountain. Thankfully we did NOT race straight up the face but climbed from one end toward the middle.

The Moreeb Dune.
Shukran (thank you) awesome dune driver!!!

Nap Time!

Our Hotel

Our patio.
Dune watchers

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spectacular Sunset

Liwa Oasis

Rosario wanted to see dunes while visiting us. Here they are!
Yes, that's a camel walking on top of the dunes.

Escape to Liwa Oasis

Today we drove to Liwa Oasis for a little vacation. This is our wonderfully charming hotel.
Perfect weather for a swim.
Pau is learning to hold his breath under water. Andrés has mastered that and now jumps in and swims/walks underwater to reach an awaiting parent.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tia Rosario is Here!

After a rainy day yesterday, she was ready to soak up the sunshine!