Friday, January 31, 2014

Dubai Creek Tour



Bastikiyah = Old Dubai/Charming Dubai

Heaven for shoe collectors. Miraculous I escaped empty-handed 
Old Souq
The textile junkie in me was in heaven. These psychedelic prints incorporate fruits and flowers. Awesome.

Sugar Cane Juice for my Sugar Daddy

My Birthday Morning on Dubai Creek

View from our hotel.
Breakfast of (40-year-old) champions = foul medames and eggs.
Water taxis

Monday, January 27, 2014

1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE YEARS OLD

King for the day, with Calvin (L) and Zaid (R)
Paul, Charlie, Raja, Stefan, Ashley 
Ashley, Whitney, Cameron, Calvin
Zaid, Hannah, Zachary, Paul, Charlie (and his Mama, Stephanie) 
Isabella, Gabriella, Farah, Jacobo, Joud, David, Jah
As usual, Andrés savors every morsel, taking his time to finish the cupcake. Miss Elfie is impressed. 

Happy Fifth Birthday Andrés

Class Compliments the Birthday Boy

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dubai Dhow Wharf

A dhow is a traditional sailing ship used to transport cargo. These wood-hulled boats are still in use, and our visit to the wharf on the Dubai Creek showed us just how much stuff is moved by these boats every day.
The Burj Khalifa, world's tallest tower, in the background.

The cargo that we saw included (among other things) nuts and other bulk foods, tires, washing machines, electric toy cars, various electronics, soda and juice, and these - stuffed animals.

Fun with Sailors

This Iranian sailor saw me taking photos and invited us onto his dhow to sit and have some soda and fruit. He was so excited to have visitors from Barcelona, he called a friend on his mobile and asked me to say hello!
Miquel takes the helm.

This guy took our picture on his iPhone.

This is the ship's captain. He asked us to find him a wife, and mentioned wanting to go to a four-year university to learn English. He spoke the most English of them all.


My birthday destination - Persian carpet shops at the Blue Souk (Central Market) in Sharjah, the emirate north of Dubai.
Sunset stroll on the Corniche with my love.

Miquel, maker of happy birthdays.

Blue Souk

For a traditional textile junkie like me, this is a DREAM COME TRUE.
After looking at about 80 rugs, and selecting our favorites, Miquel makes the deal. (birthday carpet #1 in foreground)
Birthday carpet #2. . . . I Love It!