Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Amazing Stone Village

"Let's go check out that stone village built into the side of the mountain."

"Look! They've got goats in there!"
This is no ancient ruin - it's a collection of buildings, animal pens, and terraced gardens still in use.
The valley is terraced with overgrown fruit trees. Goat blood in the foreground is from the Eid Al Adha sacrifice. The skin was drying on some rocks nearby.
There's the shower. A pipe with water flowing from the ancient (looking) irrigation system.

There's the bath tub.
Those wires are the pulley system used to transport stuff across the small valley. It looks like the people who use this little village live just across the valley in a cluster of contemporary concrete homes.
The view from inside one of the structures, looking at the contemporary homes across the valley. Not shown here is the electricity meter and outlets located in the stone walls behind me.

The walkway has a grapevine and citrus arbor.
In this stone mountainside village we saw lemons, limes, grapes, papayas, pomegranates. 

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