Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rest In Peace Sarsaparilla

Last night our beloved cat Sarsaparilla died. I adopted her 17 years ago in San Francisco and she has been my loyal companion ever since. Sarsaparilla lived in 13 different homes, from SF to LA, Manhattan, Cambridge, and Abu Dhabi. She crossed the country in planes and in cars, slept in motels, friends' and familes' homes, student housing, and various apartments. Her final resting place is this shady backyard in the UAE. Through it all she has been a loving part of my family. Most importantly, after some initial protests (ask Miquel about his favorite leather jacket), she worked her way into the hearts of my true loves - Miquel, Andrés, and Pau. Andrés' first word was gat, Catalan for cat. We will miss her. 

We Love You Sarsaparilla.

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Anonymous said...

We are very sorry to hear of your loss. Sarsaparilla certainly did work her way into the affections of even those such as me who thought themselves immune. She was a guest in our home on more than one occasion and was generally well behaved, well except for a few times. She will be missed.